Posted by iamtrixie , 5.02.2012 8:48 PM

I was in fourth grade, my favorite of all my school years. Maybe it was one of the most impressionable years of my life, or maybe it was my phenom teacher.

My teacher gave out weekly awards - the P.M.A. Award, with blue ribbons hanging from the bottom. Positive Mental Attitude.

Yeah, I won it a few times.

My mom saved them all of course.

Been needing to remind myself to channel the P.M.A. lately. I'm gonna hang one on my bathroom mirror.

We also learned to sign the alphabet and would have timed contests.

Yeah, I won a few of those too.


Posted by iamtrixie , 11.30.2010 6:00 PM

i haven't laughed as much as i should have during the first half of my thirties.
second half i'll do better.


Posted by iamtrixie , 10.12.2010 8:31 PM

i'm driving on my commute home tonight.
long day at work.
waiting at a stoplight.
watching a cute, little squirrel climb up a tree.
then something hits my windshield, just a twig,
but still made enough noise to make me jump.
think the squirrel was playing with me.
and it made me smile.

you get more bees with honey

Posted by iamtrixie , 8.16.2010 9:16 PM

is that the saying?
more bees with honey than vinegar.
then i think why do you want to attract bees?

struggling with parenting,
the attempt to guide, nuture and mold my daughter into a good human being.
she says her anger demon is a lizard.
or possibly poison dart frog.
whatever it is, this mama is having hard time.

the punishment makes her madder.
shifts the blame to me.

just stop being a narsty kid.
it's simple.
be nice.
everyone will be happier.


Posted by iamtrixie , 8.09.2010 9:34 AM

seems like the world is in alignment
when i turn the car ignition
and on the radio
Livin on a Prayer is just starting too.

alone time

Posted by PJoyLynn , 8.08.2010 10:54 AM

is very far and few between.
'specially in my own house.
when it happens, my imagination runs wild
all these things i could do.
big plans seem to lead to big disappointment.
so, i'll just lay on the couch today.
embrace my racking cough and clogged nose.
and remember what it feels like to
completely veg out.
without guilt and with complete silence.

When You're Slapped With What Someone Really Thinks

Posted by PJoyLynn , 8.07.2010 8:44 PM

[Olivia sitting in the recliner, cuddling under cozy quilt blanket. Me is sick, coughing, lost voice and cleaning the house]
Olivia: "I think I'm turning into you, Mom"
Me: "Why?"
Olivia: "Because I like being lazy and wearing sweats."
Me: "Oh, really?"

[obviously backtracking]
Olivia: "I mean, you're not lazy, you work hard too."